Calcium requirement

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How many chicken wings does a lab puppy, approximately 15 weeks old, need daily. He has been eating 2 wings and eggshell (about half an egg). He chews on bones and naws on mutton leg/hoofs frequently. He has a wide variety of ground meats with organ and mixed vegetables three times daily. He weighs 14 pounds. I had found on the internet that 2 wings would equal approximately 1100 mg of calcium. Are you able to tell me if you think this is a correct number of wings for him? I am using 50mg/kg for an adult weight of 50 pounds, roughly. Thank you for your time.

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Re: Calcium requirement

Nicole, sometimes we all tend to overthink things, and I would not be concerned about exact measurements...your pup would be terribly hungry being fed only 2 wings, and any excess calcium not utilized by the body would be eliminated naturally.

My suggestion would be to grab yourself a copy of Dr. Billinghurst's book "Grow Your Pup With Bones" on Amazon (

Also, 14 lbs seems very small for a 15-week-old Lab (sure he is a little older now).  Just a thought....maybe your pup isn't getting enough food?