Getting a puppy

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Hi, I am getting an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog named Smokey in about 3 weeks.  I want to start him on a raw diet immediately after getting him.  So far, I have called a poultry distributor to start buying boxes of chicken wings, chicken backs, turkey necks and eggs.  I really need some advice.  

How many pounds should I feed him per meal (he will grow to be around 85 to 95lbs)?

What should I feed him (a few chicken wings and an egg one meal, then a turkey neck or two for another)?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Getting a puppy

There is not one answer to your question.  Trusting you have grabbed a copy of 'Grow Your Pup With Bones' by Dr. Ian Billinghurst.

Also grab a copy of 'Give Your Dog a Bone'.  These are both invaluable resources.