Ground Beef Start

Posted by sparker919 sparker919
We recently started our very uninterested in kibble-10 week old Boxer on a "raw" diet. I use this term loosely as I dont believe it is exactly a BARF diet. Right now he is eating 3 times a day- 4 ounces of Ground Beef mixed with 2 ounces of a veg mix consisting of carrots, squash,spinach,broccoli, cauliflower, apple & sweet potato & 1 tsp of yogurt.  We give a bit of coconut oil and a supplement made by RX Vitamins called Canine Minerals(once a day). He LOVES it. No issues since the transition. Its been 3 days. I am nervous about bones. We haven't tried them. I am considering adding egg in the mix for a feeding or two...but what should my next steps be? Should I try Liver? There are a lot of conflicting information when it comes to raw feeding and I truly feel completely overwhelmed by it all.