My 3 month old Golden Retriever Skyler

Posted by skyler skyler
Hi! Thank you so very much for all the info you have provided in here. It was a huge help. I started my pup who was 7 wks old (and weighed 13 lbs) when I brought her home on raw diet cold turkey. She has been doing great. I followed your daily feeding formula. She weighed  16 lbs at the end of 4 wks. Vet was happy although her trainer thought she was on the thinner side. Last couple of wks, I have been giving her more which is way over your recommendation, but she still seems to be "always hungry". I am really confused as to why. According to your formula, her food allowance should be 150gms ( 5.44 ounces) which seems like too little. Did I make a mistake? 17lbs x 16 = 272
                            272 x .02 = 5.44 ( 2% body wt)

She also gobbles her food without savouring ( eating slowly) and that makes me feel bad as a mom when she looks at me wanting more. I am also giving her home made veggie mix, eggs and yogurt. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

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