Not eating the raw with the bones ground in it

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My dachsie is on the raw diet since I got her at 6 weeks old.  Been feeding raw and just got in beef complete (beef, bones, organs) and for some reason she won't eat it.  Is it because of the texture of the ground bones?  Should I just keep putting down until she accepts it?

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Re: Not eating the raw with the bones ground in it

I'm thinking she may not be eating it because it is something new and also the smell may not appeal to her.  As long as she is eating all her other raw food without problems, I would not give up because this is such a healthy blend.

If this was an issue in my home, I would slowly introduce it by putting very small portions of this beef blend in with the other food she loves.  If she eats it, then try it again by itself.  If not, continuing increasing the size of this beef blend with her other food.

The other important thing to keep in mind is that if a dog is healthy with no health issues, the dog WILL eat when he/she is hungry.  Healthy dogs will NOT purposely starve themselves.  

You can try getting her to eat this exclusively by putting it down for her to eat, give her a few minutes...if she doesn't eat, take it away until her next scheduled meal.  Keep trying this.  I did this once many years ago, and on the 3rd day, my Boxer was hungry enough and ate what I wanted him to eat!

Hopefully, eventually, she may decide she likes it and she'll eat it on its own.