Offal and salt

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My 1 year and 3 month old Pomeranian loves his chicken wing tip dinner (have to coax him to eat morning veggies by adding little bit of PB) but he refuses any type of offal. If he doesn't get any offal what does that do to him? Also, he seems to want something salty....should he get some salt, like Himalayan salt, in his raw diet?

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Re: Offal and salt

Offal is loaded with an abundance of vitamins and can be pureed right in with veggies.  If you grind his raw meaty bones, you can add a small amount of offal to that mixture.

May I ask how you know he wants salt? Personally, I've never heard of anyone adding salt to a raw fed diet, and I would never think of doing so myself.

If he really is craving salt, then his body is probably lacking in some nutrients.  

Remember, a healthy dog will not purposely starve themself, and will eat when he/she is hungry.

I hope this helps!