Puppies and Bones

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My 6-month-old lab mix, who would barely touch her kibble, is LOVING her new raw diet.  She whimpers in delight when I am getting her food ready!  I am transitioning her from a ground meat, bone, organ, and veg blend to eating both the blend and whole RMB.  However she is so enthusiastic about her bone eating that she practically swallowed the chicken wing whole.  That night she was gaking and throwing up a little.  So yesterday I held the end of a drumstick which made her chew and eat more slowly, but she still was gaking and throwing up a little overnight.  My wife is starting to think I'm crazy for feeding her this way.  Any suggestions?  I know she might just be getting used to it, but it is making me a little concerned.  Does anyone have any digestive supplements that they reccommend?  Thanks so much!  I'm so glad this resource exists.


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Re: Puppies and Bones

Congrats on starting to feed your baby a raw food diet, and what you describe is very common; however, drumsticks are in the 'weight-bearing' bone category and are much denser and harder to chew, plus they are not proper calcium/phosphorus ratio.  

Best RMB's (raw meaty bones) are chicken wings, chicken backs, chicken necks and turkey necks.

Highest quality digestive supplements, we believe, are from Natur's Way, a company who ONLY manufacturer's pet/animal probiotics.  Here is our resource, and as long as your girl doesn't have any health issues, the Daily Boost is the one recommended!

Hope this helps!