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I have a 10 mont old boxer, and he seems to be quite skinny, although the vet has always said he is healthy. He doesn't seem interested in his kibble, some days he will eat it but some days he won't. I'd like to see him gain a bit of weight and look healthier, but I don't know if satin balls are safe for a dog his age. Any info is appreciated

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Otis, Satins Balls are for adult dogs and not puppies!  FYI, it is normal to grow a Boxer slow...keep him/her on the lean side during the first year or two.  By doing so will help avoid skeletal problems later in life.  

If you decide to pursue raw feeding, you will have more control over weight issues now and in the future, and it's as simple as upping the raw meaty bones and reducing the veggies for weight gain or reducing the raw meaty bones and upping the veggies for weight loss.

Hope this helps!