Slowing moving to a Raw Diet

Posted by Rowdy Girl Rowdy Girl
I have an Irish Wolfhound, that I am slowing adding raw to his diet and boy does he love it.  I'm am not finding answers to :

1. Can I feed him raw Chicken Gizzards & Hearts ?  I do see where I should boil .. rather not if not needed
2. Can I feed him Beef Liver ?
3. Can I feed him Beef Heart ?

He also does get kibble and I want to continue giving it him, but since I've started with some raw ( Sardines, Turkey Necks and Beef Knuckle ( lots of beef on them )

Oh, he is 2.5yrs old.

Thanks all !

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Re: Slowing moving to a Raw Diet

In answer to your 3 questions, yes you can feed chicken gizzards, hearts and all liver.  These are called offal.  Be very careful to feed minimal amounts of liver as it's high in Vitamin A and can/will cause loose stools and diarrhea if fed too much.

Many pet parents continue to feed dry (kibble) with raw; however, they should be fed at separate meals as explained here:

Happy BARFing!  :)