This is a bit silly but...

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I have 3 dogs who have been on raw food for going on 10 years. They are extremely healthy and going on very strong, even my old girl who's now 16 years old and half blind.

I get my chicken carcass from my local butcher, I supplement it with veggies and a fish meal from time to time. I feel fairly confident that everybody is healthy.

What brings me to post here is that my butcher has change his chicken provider and I went from relatively small chicken carcass to HUGE ones - the boxes are actually cheaper now too, so at face value this looked like an awesome deal.

BUT...  They have the 'wish bone' as well as those stubby chicken wings... the old carcass did not have those. Those news bones look might sharp and big... I feel silly, because after so many year, I feel like this is something I should know... but is it okay to feed them that?

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Re: This is a bit silly but...

Absolutely Tarkand, as long as they are raw.  If you have any reservation at all or you're afraid to give them these bones, then don''s OK!  

Congrats on the 'cheap' replacement!  lol