eggshell powder for dogs.

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my dog is allergic to beef chicken,lamb,Turkey,venison,white fish,salmon,soya, rice, so I have only been feeding raw rabbit,raw duck, she has now started to refuse even this food, so I have been trying to give her kangaroo,but I what to add eggshell powder,to this diet, she weighs 3kl, and she is a Yorkshire terrier, could you please advise me, on how much I should give her daily of extra fine eggshell powder. Thankyou.

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Re: eggshell powder for dogs.


I honestly cannot answer your question, perhaps someone else can!  The only thing I can add to this, from the Top 50 BARF Questions, is the following:

"According to Pitcairn, there is 1,800 mgs. of calcium per teaspoon of eggshell powder."

Can anyone else answer this question please?