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skyler by skyler • | | 0 answers | be the first to answer
Hi! Thank you so very much for all the info you have provided in here. It was a huge help. I started my pup who was 7 wks old (and weighed 13 lbs) when I brought her home on raw diet cold turkey. She has been doing great. I followed your daily feeding formula. She weighed 16 lbs at the end of more
sparker919 by sparker919 • | | 0 answers | be the first to answer
We recently started our very uninterested in kibble-10 week old Boxer on a "raw" diet. I use this term loosely as I dont believe it is exactly a BARF diet. Right now he is eating 3 times a day- 4 ounces of Ground Beef mixed with 2 ounces of a veg mix consisting of carrots, squash, more
Laura by Laura • | | 0 answers | be the first to answer
Have any of you ground up lamb ribs with meat in a grinder? I have the LEM grinder which easily grinds whole chickens (I cut them into pieces that will fit in the grinder). So it even grinds the drumsticks, but up to now I have been hesitant to put rib bones in there as it was sort of more
Stefanie by Stefanie • | | 0 answers | be the first to answer
Hi! I've been feeding my 8 papillons raw for a year now...unluckily I am seriously thinking on going back to kible due to some problems with it (I guess). We just suffered an eclampsia in one of my girls, and every time i run a blood test on any of them, calcium levels are on the lower limit, more
ana maria by ana maria • | | 0 answers | be the first to answer
My dog had a CT scan before he died , and the MD told me that he had lots of bones in his stomache. She told me to consider stopping the BARF diet with my other dogs. What do you recommend?
mdepalma by mdepalma • | | 0 answers | be the first to answer
My dog has been doing really well on the BARF diet for the last few months until recently when he experienced an extreme case of constipation that required hospitalization to remove the blockage non-surgically (even though I had been regularly feeding him mashed vegetables,greens, and fruit). more
Crazy Dogs by Crazy Dogs • | | 1 comment
Hi, I have a German shepard and a German shepard/ Husky mix (both 4 years old). I've just changed my dogs over to raw feeding less than 6 months ago. I've only been feeding them boneless chicken as that is the easiest and cheapest for me. Sometimes they'd get giblets, livers, eggs, and more
pat by pat • | | 1 comment
I have 2 akita female and male they are both 8 months of age will feeding them satin ball are they to young for that
Christina by Christina • | | 1 comment
I have read many articles saying that Boxers are allergic to garlic, but I noticed that BARF includes garlic. Are those articles incorrect? Thank you
Theadora by Theadora • | | 1 comment
I've wanted to start feeding raw for a long time now. I have a young mixed male with some renal issues and know a whole food diet will help him immensely. He is already on a grain free food but I want to do better. I want to know where you would recommend I contact about getting meat at a more
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