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Tania by Tania • | | 4 comments
Hello, Thank you for your amazing information. My dog has transitioned well to the diet and most of her yeast problems have cleared up. She is 25 kg and I feed her 500g a day, meat/bone/organ + veg (80:20 ratio). She has recently started to make the most strange stomach churning noises on a more
Maila by Maila • | | 5 comments
Hi everyone! I have started about 10 days ago with Barf diet my 6 months old Russian Toy. She is passing really hard stools and crying while doing it. Can you please tell me how to make this problem better? Have a great evening Paola
Jelly19 by Jelly19 • | | 1 comment
Just got a new dog, have already been feeding a dog the barf diet. The newby is 11mons old, I feed my 3yo by weight. The question is if the puppy needs more food? I know on a regular dog diet people feed their young pups more food. Thanks!
nicole by nicole • | | 1 comment
How many chicken wings does a lab puppy, approximately 15 weeks old, need daily. He has been eating 2 wings and eggshell (about half an egg). He chews on bones and naws on mutton leg/hoofs frequently. He has a wide variety of ground meats with organ and mixed vegetables three times daily. He more
Caro64 by Caro64 • | | 0 answers | be the first to answer
Has anyone's dog experienced bladder stones whilst feeding BARF? My 11 year old otherwise healthy terrier cross has just had major bladder surgery for removal of 2 bladder stones, one of which was lodged in his urethra and was extremely painful for him :( Thankfully he is now making a good more
Barber Robinson by Barber Robinson • | | 1 comment
I bought a whole bone-in pork roast. Is it okay to give the phone to my bull terrier Raw
Rowdy Girl by Rowdy Girl • | | 1 comment
I have an Irish Wolfhound, that I am slowing adding raw to his diet and boy does he love it. I'm am not finding answers to : 1. Can I feed him raw Chicken Gizzards & Hearts ? I do see where I should boil .. rather not if not needed 2. Can I feed him Beef Liver ? 3. Can I feed him more
Smokey by Smokey • | | 1 comment
Hi, I am getting an Alapaha Blue Blood Bulldog named Smokey in about 3 weeks. I want to start him on a raw diet immediately after getting him. So far, I have called a poultry distributor to start buying boxes of chicken wings, chicken backs, turkey necks and eggs. I really need some advice. more
sherry by sherry • | | 1 comment
Hi, I'm new to this site and new to raw feeding. I started about a month ago and still learning a lot about raw feeding, but here is my question can I feed my German Shepherd whole chicken every day? Thanks sherry
sperpich by sperpich • | | 0 answers | be the first to answer
I have a Shih Tzu and he just doesn't care for raw bones. He's just not interested. Is there anything I can do beside the raw bones? Is he going to be missing out on nutrition that he needs? Is it more for his teeth? Are there supplements I can give him? He is allergic to poultry also. Chicken, more
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