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Pam by Pam • | | 1 comment
My husband and I are getting our new puppy next week and we want to feed raw. I am wondering what is the best way to start and what to start with? Chicken or something else? Also I am wondering how much veggies? Should I start with veggies and meat both or one at a time? Can someone give more


Aashrutha Navinash by Aashrutha Navinash • | | 1 comment
Hi I have a labrador puppy he is 64 days old. I am feeding him with royal canin labrador the problem is he is not eating well. I am not feedin him with non veg, can I give chicken n give some tips to increase his weight please
Brian by Brian • | | 1 comment
Hi I'm asking this before consulting with Hadley's Vet. ( we have a apt this Thurs. for a complete rework of his blood work to see if we can start weening him off the Prednisone ) He contracted Meningitis some how 2 and a half weeks ago, took 3 days to get the diagnosis and the meds needed to more
Therese by Therese • | | 1 comment
Is there not a BARF recepie for Cats? There seems to be such emphasis on Dogs everywhere and not enough on cats. Cats are true Carnivors more so than Dogs is there a recepie here for Cats?
Stefanie Apples by Stefanie Apples • | | 3 comments
Hello, I have 8 dogs who started on raw 4 months ago. All did fine since the beginning, except for Oly. He has trouble eating, some days doesn't eat at all and had stomach issues. His hair is falling and looking bad, while all others shine in health, and every 2 weeks or so, he has a bit of more
Ann Marie by Ann Marie • | | 1 comment
Hi, I have read that you should not thaw food in the microwave because it can cook it. Is it OK to use the "defrost" button. I usually put it lower than the actual weight of the food - enough so it is not hard as a rock frozen, but it may still be cold. Is this OK
aimz86 by aimz86 • | | 2 comments
so i have 1 bitch and 1 dog. i have been feeding the barf diet for nearly 2 months now. my bitch has adjusted just fine and she is 9 this year but my dog age, started vomiting yellow foamy bile & grass a few days ago and also is put of his food completely. He is still drinking water and more
Ms H by Ms H • | | 1 comment
My 11 year old Boxer female looks emaciated. The winter is not kind to her. Her entire rear is nothing but bones. Her backbone sticks out as well as her ribs and when she eats her stomach will look huge. She eats and she's been wormed. She has lots of energy but she has so much trouble sitting more
Kesko's mom by Kesko's mom • | | 1 comment
New to the site. Kesko is a 5 year old standard poodle that has been diagnosed with elevated ALP AND ALT. Liver biopsy shows copper deposits. Ultrasound shows a fibrous liver. After meeting with homeopathic and conventional vets, we switch him to a raw diet and supplement him with 400 mg more
Carly by Carly • | | 3 comments
Hello, my 5 y/o great dane has just started vomiting up her breakfast the last couple days. We are taking her to the vet today to rule out any specific medical issues to be safe, and I know that this symptom can be part of the detox that's mentioned. She is showing no other signs of more
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