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P Malone by P Malone • | | 1 comment
my dog is allergic to beef chicken,lamb,Turkey,venison,white fish,salmon,soya, rice, so I have only been feeding raw rabbit,raw duck, she has now started to refuse even this food, so I have been trying to give her kangaroo,but I what to add eggshell powder,to this diet, she weighs 3kl, and she more
Carly by Carly • | | 2 comments
Hi there, Love your site! You're what helped us make the leap last year to raw, my finicky stomached boxer cross and I thank you so much!! I have a question about poop, to put it frankly. We've been on raw for about a year, maybe a little less. In the last month or so, I've noticed our dogs more
Joyce C by Joyce C • | | 1 comment
Is Barf diet safe for dogs with Addison's. Disease? I'm told to keep the protein low for my 10 month old Great Pyrenees male.
otis by otis • | | 1 comment
I have a 10 mont old boxer, and he seems to be quite skinny, although the vet has always said he is healthy. He doesn't seem interested in his kibble, some days he will eat it but some days he won't. I'd like to see him gain a bit of weight and look healthier, but I don't know if satin balls more
paul by paul • | | 1 comment
What fruit and vegetables can I feed my dog
Annabel by Annabel • | | 1 comment
Hi there, is brown rice good for dogs? My aunty is concerned about an older dog she wants to feed and I am researching for her, as a raw feeder myself. He does get canned dog food, but dislikes it. He can tolerate chicken, cooked. However, he is on his last legs, being over thirteen years old more
Courtney by Courtney • | | 1 comment
Hi There! My 6-month-old lab mix, who would barely touch her kibble, is LOVING her new raw diet. She whimpers in delight when I am getting her food ready! I am transitioning her from a ground meat, bone, organ, and veg blend to eating both the blend and whole RMB. However she is so more
ralucich by ralucich • | | 3 comments
Hello all. We have a new rescue dog in the family, and he's awesome. I've gotten him switched to a commercially prepared BARF diet, and all is going well. Now, I would like to try my hand at making my own. I'm good with incorporating percentages of liver, other organs, and veggies, but the more
Tarkand by Tarkand • | | 1 comment
I have 3 dogs who have been on raw food for going on 10 years. They are extremely healthy and going on very strong, even my old girl who's now 16 years old and half blind. I get my chicken carcass from my local butcher, I supplement it with veggies and a fish meal from time to time. I feel more
Barbara Lubliner by Barbara Lubliner • | | 1 comment
Image a 37 lb skye terrier. He just became a champion. He ilacks 5 points to becoming a grand champion. He is a erratic eater and always needs weight. 37 lbs is a good weight for him but sometimes he eats well and then quits and loses his weight and becomes much to thin. His erratic eating more
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